Carlo Gavazzi manufactures ranges of instruments dedicated to measuring and counting. Electromechanical types are used for highly reliable applications for pulse counting or hour meters, the digital ones offer pulse counting, time, speed and frequency measuring.  In connection with the encoders, they can be used as position indicators.

Carlo Gavazzi range of counters includes both 6 and 8 digit types with counting inputs up to 10 KHz. Input signals can be contact/NPN, PNP, or AC voltage. Furthermore, the 1/16 DIN counters have a programmable relay output.

Universal Supply  :  Electromechanical Types are available with operating Voltages in both AC and DC

Outputs: Preset Instruments are eqiuipped with one or more relays or optocoupler outputs.

Presets : Electromechanical devices have no presets Digital devices has one or more presets that can be programmed.

LCD display with LED Look : DMF61 and DMF62 are available with LED look LCD display





On Delay Timers

  • Carlo Gavazzi provides absolute reliability to ensure that every-thing runs perfectly for years.
  • Set-up is simple and straightforward thanks to the clearly labeled front knobs.
  • The DAA and PAA are adjusted using a screwdriver, so undesired changes are avoided.


Multi Function Timer

DMB51, DMB71, DMB01, PMB01 or FMB01

Features :

  • Fully multi voltage,  Multi range
  • Multifunction: ON-delay, interval, interval on trigger open, double interval, OFF-delay, symmetrical recycler (ON or OFF first)
  • Available with SPDT and/or DPDT relay output
  • CE marked, UL and CSA approved; RINA approved (DMB51, DMB01, PMB01)

 The DAC51 is the smallest solution in this case, including the star to delta dead zone to avoid fast wear of the contactor. The applications

  • Pumps
  • Saws
  • Compressors
  • Conveyor Loads
  • Cranes
  • Mills



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